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The Beaconsfield Yacht Club is very pleased to announce the addition of an adult learn to cruise keelboat program to our summer sailing school schedule. Whether you are a beginner taking lessons, or an experienced sailor challenging the standard the CYA LEARN TO CRUISE PROGRAM is for you. The objective of this course is for you, upon completion, to be able to cruise safely by day in local waters, in moderate wind and sea conditions, as skipper or crew of a 20-30 foot sloop-rigged keelboat.

This program will provide students with a very wide range of practical, on the water sailing experiences. You will learn the basics of boat handling under power and sail. We will guide you through docking maneuvers in and out of a dock, sail handling, points of sail and boat handling under sail. Rules of the road, boat terminology, and safety at sea will also be components of this wonderful learning experience.

The courses will be scheduled to run over 4  weekdays, or over 2 weekends.

Weekdays, Monday- Friday 9:00-5:00

Two consecutive week-ends 9:00-5:00


Boxed lunches will be required, as most lunches will be spent on the water at anchor.


 Yacht club

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