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Beaconsfield Yacht Club offers the following sailing programs especially designed for adults:

Evening Sailing Squadron Monday and Wednesday
Weekend Sailing Squadron Sunday

Descriptions & Schedules

Evening Sailing Squadron:

Designed to teach the safe and proper handling of a small sailboat, this approximately 18 hour course teaches theory and the technique of sailing drawn from the Canadian Yachting Association program. Practical experience on the water will be given as often as weather permits. At the conclusion of the course, you should be able to enjoy the pleasure of sailing by yourself and may have been introduced to small boat racing. For those individuals with prior experience, an advanced course covering improved boat handling and spinnaker will be available. Classes will be held Monday and Wednesday evenings from 18:00 hours to 21:00 hours.


Session one: July 1st 2019

Second Session: To be announced 

Sunday Sailing Squadron:

This course, with 18 hours of instruction, is intended to teach the safe and proper handling of a small sailboat, and is designed for beginners and those individuals who have crewed and would like to learn more about sailing. Classes are held Sundays and commence at 9:00 hours until 16:00 hours.


Sunday session starts June 30th, 2019
Fees and Acceptance Procedures:


Fees for both evening and Sunday sessions are as follows; Beginner courses $417.49 + taxes ($480 with taxes)

Clothing and Safety Gear:

Squadron students must wear soft soled shoes and bring their own life jacket or personal flotation device (P.F.D.) of a type approved by the Department of Transport (D.O.T.) or the Ministry of Transport (M.O.T.). Water ski jackets safety belts and/or air-cell jackets are not permitted. Students will not be allowed on the water if the life jacket does not meet the approval of the club manager.

More Information:

For further information, contact the club office.



 Yacht club

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